Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 2

The agents of OBELISK now face an invasion of the Fomori and must respond if they want to save Springfield. It soon becomes clear that they need more resources if they want to fight the invaders. In particular, more allies are needed. Some agents stay near home while others travel to Las Vegas in their quest to gain allies. Will it be enough?

  • Episode 11: A new agent joins OBELISK.
  • Episode 12: Team Gwar pulls off a heist of a magical artifact in Branson.
  • Episode 13: Team Face negotiates with the signatories of the Unseelie Accords.
  • Episode 14: Currying favor with potential allies requires attendance at an art auction…
  • Episode 15: The Erlking is hard to impress. How about a good hunt?
  • Episode 16: Dealing with the mafia and vampires can be tricky.
  • Episode 17: Investigating the grid that protects Springfield from supernatural threats.
  • Episode 18: The magical defenses of Springfield are prepared for the next battle.
  • Episode 19: A necromancer attempts to possess a dragon’s body but OBELISK tries to stop him.
  • Episode 20: Team Neo Gwar arrives in Las Vegas to recruit new allies in their fight against the Fomori.
  • Episode 21: The team must play kingmaker in order to unite Las Vegas.
  • Episode 22: Who will the team crown and how will they make the factions rally around the new leader?
  • Episode 23: A confrontation between the Fomori of Las Vegas and the new united magical factions of Vegas.