Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 4

The Mavericks finally meet The Brothers! With their parents’ political infighting draining too much of their attention, they have begun outsourcing for solutions to the larger concerns of the enclave. Namely their future cash crops. And Alexandria has been tasked by her order to take on this job so that she may recover a highly coveted prize. . .

Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 3

Success breeds opportunity for the Mavericks! Their relationship with the crew of the Kvaðning has led to an investment opportunity that the crew is, mostly, sold on; meanwhile Issabelle McNulty has been forced to raise the price of her ore reconnaissance job to the point that only a fool would pass it up. Will the Mavericks strike gold, or delve too deeply into the unforgiving desert mountains. . .

Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 2

Having survived their first job together unscathed (mostly), the Mavericks turn to their dependents for rejuvenation, and headaches. A costly request from Stagecoach’s ailing daughter drives the group to take a suicide job from the local Latent community organizer in hopes of killing two birds with one stone. But what they find on the outskirts of the Valley of the Sun makes the usual horrors of the Loss look perfectly mundane. . .

Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 1

Nestled up to the mountains north of Phoenix Arizona lies an enclave known as The Waterhole. Made up of a former Hollywood Wild West set-turned actual ghost town-turned interactive amusement park and a gaudy, low-effort water park, The Waterhole has grown into a powerhouse of supply for central Arizona. But its economic stability is undermined by political infighting, as sins of the now reflect all too harshly the sins of the past. It is here that a small Taker group known as The Mavericks have formed up with the hope of pulling the greatest score in history: Operation Stop Gap. A score so grand it will bring sustainability to all in the region, while setting The Mavericks up for life, of course. But first they have some capital to build, and with the heat of desert summer fast approaching, surely it is only inevitable for one to praise the sun. . .

Pigsmoke: The Incident

A year prior, at the La Croix School for the Mystical Arts, an incident almost brought down the entire institution. Now, with all of the clues and overall research amassed, our favorite (unless they failed us) professors seek to uncover the deepest mysteries of La Croix, and to halt the progress of the Couriers as best they can.

Adam – Baxter Hardege
Kristi – Ursa Celeste
Greg – Taylor Kimpton
David – Necromov Anevosonatos (“Vas”)