Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 7

The Siege of Helskinki. It’s all come down to this. The Allies gamble paid dividends, allowing them not only to bypass the Axis forces, but storm into the capital city and seize the Finnish shipyards. Now they await the HMS Deadshot and elements of 7th Atlantic Fleet to bring reinforcements, as the Japanese and Finns bear down on them. It’s no longer a mission to gain needed intelligence on the foe, it’s a fight for time. Every life spent for just a few more minutes is a price willingly paid, as both sides desperately race their own clocks ticking towards the end…

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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 6

Despite the Allies dogged persistence and punishing strikes, the Axis forces are nearing their goal; the Baltic Sea. The continuous presence of the Allied special forces has forced drastic measures on the part of their enemies, however; new powered armor troops have been added to the SNLF guard unit, and the Fins have had the latest jump mech technology fresh from Berlin delivered to the escort forces. The Allied commanders on the ground hatch a reckless plan to leverage victory from their enemies; forego halting or killing them in the field and race through the province of Kuopio, past the Axis, to arrive at the Helsinki shipyards first! If their luck holds, Allied naval assets will be able to penetrate deep enough into the Baltic to assist them in stopping the Japanese from crossing into Germany. It’s desperate, suicidal, and plain ungentlemanly, and it just might work…

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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 5

The Battle of Kajaani ended in a demoralizing stalemate; neither side able to claim their prize, and the Axis left with a smoking ruin where a key strategic element once hid. Despite Axis High Command growing increasingly impatient, the Finnish escorts have withdrawn back to more immediate areas of concern, leaving the Japanese to bivouac in the town of Uhtua. The sides seem content with resting the wounded and reevaluating their respective missions when a Soviet convoy approaches Uhtua. Far from their citadel-like forward operating bases and using significantly more disciplined comm etiquette has made the wayward Soviets a prime target of opportunity for both the Japanese and Allies…

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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 4

With the recovery of Dr. Ishinomoro, the Axis forces have redoubled their efforts to move through Finland. Finally gaining access to more contemporary roadways they have made good progress, reaching the town of Kajaani before calling a much-needed halt at several hidden Rift tech labs. Dr. Ishinomoro decided to conduct a technology demonstration to his German and Finnish counterparts, and was left in the town with a small component of Finnish special forces as a guard. After concluding his demonstration Ishinomoro’s convoy departed, but were immediately halted by a landmine strike that left the scientist and several guards stranded. The initial stage of the ambush successful, Allied forces sweep into the area to reclaim their lost prize before reinforcements arrive…

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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 3

Following their defeat at the Allied encampment, the Japanese have been driven back all the way to supercruiser Amagi. During their rapid retreat, a third-tier scientist, Dr. Shotoro Ishinomoro, was separated in the Finnish tundra and lost. Axis High Command has demanded the Finnish escort force return to assist the SNLF, and their combined forces are pressing south again to locate the scientist. However; the OSS has also learned of the scientist’s separation from his protectors and is pressing the British special forces and their Marine brethren to locate Ishinomoro first!

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