Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 9

(Due to technical errors, Session 8 was unfortunately lost).The sins of Stagecoach’s idealism came back to bite the group. Agent Lynch, of the DHQS, was not thrilled with the Maverick’s selling government servers to the Moths. But he’s a generous man, if they do a job for him, he’ll forget all about this little indiscretion. And so, the Mavericks are sent across the unknown wilds of the YA reservation with a Moth wetwork specialist whose trial, and summary execution, awaits him back in the Recession. Stagecoach was forced to face the darker realities of resistance while the rest of the crew learned the finer points of detainee handling! HORDE! A stampede of casualties thousands strong is sweeping towards the Waterhole! While the Mavericks dealt with the DHQS, the enclave and all of its resident taker groups has been preparing for a tidal wave of Blight to crash upon their walls. Now with little time left before the arrival of the horde, the Maverick’s must slot themselves into the defensive works to save their home! This was a playtest of early-build War Campaign rules, it offers a sneak peak of the upcoming supplement The Racket though specifics in design and execution may have changed dramatically between the two versions.

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  1. I put the wrong comment on the wrong episode. My bad!

    Love the action and craziness of the episode the “We are F’ed” return home opening was great.

    Also, if you guys ever need a player for anything 40k hit me up!

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