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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 2

Following the reveal of an Allied presence deep in Finnish territory, Axis high command has ordered a redoubling of efforts to move the Japanese envoy to Helsinki and the supposed safety of the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, Soviet forces have begun to rouse themselves from their winter fortresses, leading to more immediate concerns for the Finnish government and its military assets. While the Finns engage in a daring operation to try and delay or outright eliminate Soviet forces in the area, the Japanese SNLF force are tasked to hunt down and eliminate the Americans and their British compatriots. Lt. Murimoto plans a daring night assault to capitalize on his troop’s capabilities. Unbeknownst to them, the US has made large advancements in Infrared technology to aid in their nightfighting prowess. . .

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Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 1

It is the spring of 1947. World War 2 has been prolonged due to interdimensional Rifts being torn open by the use of American nuclear weapons, providing all sides with new, horrific weapons. The harshest winter ever recorded has ground the war to a halt in Europe, however. German High Command desires to see returns on their investment into the technological growth of Imperial Japan. The two allies hatch a bold plan, to sneak the battlecruiser Amagi through the treacherous Arctic ocean, past the grounded Soviet Union navy, and land a unit of Japanese scientists and Special Naval Landing Force marines with a display of their Rift technology onto the shores of Finland.

Renewed tensions between the Soviets and Finns have led to a growth in their need for armaments and support from Germany, so with the Soviets trapped in their winter fortresses the Finns have agreed to supply guides and a protector force to see the Japanese safely to Helsinki in exchange for more and newer Rift tech creations. From there the Kriegsmarine will transport the Japanese across the Baltic Sea to Germany. However, Allied High Command has been alerted to this operation and intends to stop any further sharing of technology between the Axis powers. A small force made up of United States Marine Raiders and selected units from the British Special Operations Executive (or Office of Ungentlemanly Warfare) have been secreted across Sweden by Norwegian saboteurs to halt or capture the Japanese scientists. On a lone, deserted road in northern Finland, the lead elements of the Axis column encounter something quite unexpected; a small reconnaissance force of Allied soldiers and Marines!
This was our first battle in a K47 campaign. We took multiple photos of the battle which are included below the fold.