Springfield, Missouri, the third largest city in the state, is quite small by national standards. It is a college town and the national headquarters of the Assemblies of God. It is a place where the business world rubs against the rural. It is a town in conflict with itself every day, and the general public is unaware of the day-to-day goings on of the behind-the-scenes. The area is full of history and folklore about its past, some of it is dismissed as “just a story,” while others are found to be horrifically true.

I’m here to tell you the “stories” can be just as horrific as the “truth.” Learn more about the campaign in this thread on the RPPR forums.


  • Episode 1: Prologues and introductions between Obelisk team members.
  • Episode 2: An incident at a local community college sparks an investigation.
  • Episode 3: Obelisk tries to stop an old feud from flaring up again. Can do they do it?
  • Episode 4: An ancient evil has crept into town. What is it and what does it want?
  • Episode 5: Multiple disappearances of people all point to a single cause. Obelisk must stop it.
  • Episode 6: The key to saving the town seems to be in the hands of the Repairman, if he can be found.
  • Episode 7: Casing an enemy safe house is easier said than done.
  • Episode 8: Rescuing kidnapped victims through a daring intercept on the highway.
  • Episode 9: An ancient tome must be translated, but finding the right scholar for the job is difficult.
  • Episode 10: A War Council is formed to deal with the new threat. Choices are made!