Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 1 Episode 2


Content Warning: There is discussion of sexual assault in this episode.

Obelisk operates multiple teams of agents. One team, nicknamed Team Gwar, is filled with its most inhuman employees. A changeling, a man possessed by a goddess, a half-ghost, and a Valkyrie find themselves working together to protect the Ozarks from evil. Their first job is to investigate a series of odd incidents surrounding the local collegiate community. Of course not everything is as it appears..


  1. Please tell me there is a Chritmass party session comming up in the future.

  2. I also really want an Xmas episode!

  3. This is gonna be super nitpicky nerdy, and I know this was recorded a long time ago, but yeah, the Laws of Magic only apply to human wizards and adepts. Changelings, vampires, etc. etc. don’t fall under it and the White Council doesn’t really deal with them in the same way, I mean, otherwise they’d be at constant war with the White Court.

    Interestingly enough, the Laws of Magic also don’t count as broken if used on non-humans either. Killing with magic is not a big deal if it’s a vampire or demon or loup garou. A narrative loophole, really, since if it still applied Harry would never be able to toast vampires.

    Good game though, especially nice since I’ve wanted to do Dresden Files myself for the longest time.

    1. I think its more the less human you are, the less most of the laws apply. A WCV lusting up someone is something a Warden isn’t going to bother with. A Changeling attempting to swim against time or reach beyond the Gates is going to get ganked by a warden, politics be damned.

  4. “If only there was a Preparedness roll!”

    This is the only real bad thing about backlogs/campaign listening, I want to say “you could just drop a Fate Point on it”, but really that’s just useless [internet noises]. Everybody has a decent grasp on the setting (or plays characters who would know nothing anyway) and tone though, so y’know, hopefully mechanics get more regular later.

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