Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 1 Episode 1

dresden-picSpringfield, Missouri, the third largest city in the state, is quite small by national standards. It is a college town and the national headquarters of the Assemblies of God. It is a place where the business world rubs against the rural. It is a town in conflict with itself every day, and the general public is unaware of the day-to-day goings on of the behind-the-scenes. The area is full of history and folklore about its past, some of it is dismissed as “just a story,” while others are found to be horrifically true.

I’m here to tell you the “stories” can be just as horrific as the “truth.”

In this episode, we are introduced to some of the team members of Obelisk, a secret agency that protects the Ozarks from supernatural evil. Learn more about the campaign in this thread on the RPPR forums.


  1. Awe yeah, my body is ready (and by that I mean my ears and mind theatre).

  2. Yes. I think I’m having a nerdgasm.

  3. Let’s find out if I like Dresden more when it’s RPPR telling it to me.

    I suspect the answer will be yes.

  4. I look forward to the Fanart. Especially the Spectacular Slender-Kid.

    Dan is this a separate universe from regular Dresden Files? Because base Dresden Files says that H.B.C. Dresden is supposed to show up at some point and I was Wondering how you were going to handle that.

  5. Uhhhhh… that’d be difficult considering this is post Changes, pre Cold Days.

    Also, can’t find where the GM section says that, as bringing the setting-specific Elminster kinda invalidates the PCs.

  6. Point. Probably because I haven’t read the pdf since ’09 and it was before I really started playing RPGs.

    1. Adam, the Fiasco playset based on the Dresden Files uses Harry Dresden as the tilt, so he’s guaranteed to wreck up the place mid-game. Could you be thinking of that and transposing it onto the DFRPG?

  7. This was fantastic. Very much enjoyed cracking up listening to this. The group was on point. Dan great job, I can’t wait to hear more. =)

  8. @Thesauradon Yeah probably. That or ideas for introducing the wider Dresden-verse to your game. I was young and I hadn’t “Got” RPGs at that point.

  9. Glad this has finally happened! Really looking forward to the misadventures of the Obelisk teams!

  10. I am here for the obligatory comments on archery vs firearms wounds.

    According to diary entries I’ve read, European and American soldiers fighting native americans feared arrow wounds more than gunshot wounds, the difficulty in removal of the arrow and subsequent risk of infection being the most important reasons, the relative speed of fire compared to muzzleloaders being a concern also.

    Speaking from experience as a bow hunter, modern hunting arrows have a tendency to explode on impact with an animal. The impact often causes the shaft and broadhead to break or deform, and in the case of carbon fiber arrows bits of the shaft can fragment through the flesh also. Obviously this isn’t true 100% of the time, one can re-use arrows sometimes if you avoid hitting thick bones.

    So if you get hit by an arrow, you can expect 2 general outcomes:

    1. The arrow misses dense bones; in this instance you can expect an arrow fired from a powerful compound bow to go completely through the target leaving a 1-3″ hole of shredded flesh where the rotating broadhead and shaft literally drill through your meat.

    2. The arrow hits bone; expect destruction of at least a portion of the shaft and the broadhead to deform, probably imbedded in your bones. Good news is that broadheads screw in, meaning you can usually remove the shaft from the wound assuming it didn’t fragment or break off inside the body, but that broadhead is gonna need some surgery.

    In conclusion, it really really sucks to get hit by an arrow and you should avoid doing that.

    Fun fact, if the Crocketts are using pure iron broadheads similar to the kind manufactured by Comanches in the 1800’s from stolen/traded pot metal, they will have an extreme tendency to deform inside of the target.

  11. After soooo long.

    Team Choose Dead and Chew Dead. Love it.

  12. Dude, this campaign is like a magic version of the TV show Cops.

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