Masks: Heroes of Halycon City – Episode 3

Collateral damage has been done, but our heroes have the means to put a name to the threat, but they’ll need some help if they’re going to capture Incinatrix, learn who the mastermind is, and put an end to their schemes. Will youthful vigor and plucky determination win out over age and experience? Will the heroes come together as one to solve this mystery? Will Schroedinger, Glitch, Iconoclast, Breaker, Sever finally settle on a name? Find out in our conclusion of Masks: A New Generation.


  1. A rocking episode for our heroes, Bug-eyes most of all given his status as a freak.

    Quick asided, Fox also made the series Masked Rider in the 90’s that used footage of the Kamen Rider known as RX and had a cross over episode with the Power Rangers.

  2. Finally got around to listening to this and it was great! One question is did you all ever continue with these characters? Either way was a very satisfying ending for the team.

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