Friends of Maria Anderson, a popular vlogger who buys antiques from online auction sites and showcases them, have been invited to her house. Maria has found a wonderful artifact for her video channel! She has invited all of you for her unboxing video. It should be a fun time for everyone.

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You are all members of the USS Thesus, a cargo spaceship on its way back from picking up a shipment of tellurium from an asteroid mining operation. You have been given a new mission on your way back. A space station in orbit over planet GX190 in the HD110113 system has requested a VIP priority transport. The Thesus is the closest available ship and you are obligated to fulfill the request. Your crew chief, a superstitious woman named Barringer claims that this is a “red sky” omen, although she won’t reveal if it’s good or bad luck…

hostile as dylain steiger, company intern
Ken as Liam Flyn, medic. Check out PRRP podcast!
mr hellspawn as Rupert, company agent

This was run for members of the RPPR Patreon via our Youtube channel.

I and other members of the RPPR podcast run games for patrons at the RPPR Patreon. . You can play in one of these games by joining at the $10 level! All of our most recent games are on our Youtube channel.


I and other members of the RPPR podcast run games for patrons at the RPPR Patreon. These games are recorded to Youtube but I realize I might as well put some of them on here. You can play in one of these games by joining at the $10 level! All of our most recent games are on our Youtube channel.

You are all freelance monster hunters/paranormal experts. Ashley Bradshaw, the manager of Steve Warwick, a popular Youtuber, needs your help because Steve has gone missing. He went into Jollification Zone, an abandoned theme park in New Jersey. It’s supposed to be haunted but you aren’t sure what could be lurking in there.

This adventure used monsters from the Deck of Monsters, available now!

Squirrel as Brock the wronged
Chris as Packing Dan mundane
Hostile as Kafka Valentine professional
Adaptive as Zoya the monstrous

StopGap. The Dam Job. The Score to End All Scores. Bartlett Reservoir is deep enough within the YA reservation to be lost in harsh terrain, near enough to Phoenix to arouse fear of massed herds of casualties, and whispered about enough to create its own graboid-like Loch Ness monster myth! It’s also one of the few plentiful sources of water within reasonable travelling distance, and control of it could set up the Waterhole to supply fresh water to the area for years to come. But how could anyone pass up that kind of water source in this hellish desert without good reason. . .

Mr. JOLS is approaching, but one last job is required to get all of the Mavericks ready for their big score. The enclave Zeta Station is being plagued by alien cattle rustlers! The SETI researchers are hard pressed for resources and can ill afford to lose what little they have. Despite their best efforts, they’ve failed to make first contact. Perhaps they need a cruder mouth piece to get through to our extraterrestrial guests. . .

The Mavericks finally approach the Yavapai-Apache Tribal Council. The Council are riding the high of peace between the factions of the enclave following the successful defense of the Waterhole and are looking to build upon it! Their tribal casino was a failed attempt at an early enclave and remains a dark mark upon their past. Inside lies a treasure trove of their cultural heritage, links to their past that they would rather have in their possession for preservation. Also, there is an extensive collection of fine alcohol stored within the depths of the casino, a worthy contribution to the celebrations to show the council’s renewed investment in the enclave. Both caches are equally valuable to the council, for different reasons obviously, and they are willing to pay a fine price to retrieve them all. . .

(Due to technical errors, Session 8 was unfortunately lost).The sins of Stagecoach’s idealism came back to bite the group. Agent Lynch, of the DHQS, was not thrilled with the Maverick’s selling government servers to the Moths. But he’s a generous man, if they do a job for him, he’ll forget all about this little indiscretion. And so, the Mavericks are sent across the unknown wilds of the YA reservation with a Moth wetwork specialist whose trial, and summary execution, awaits him back in the Recession. Stagecoach was forced to face the darker realities of resistance while the rest of the crew learned the finer points of detainee handling! HORDE! A stampede of casualties thousands strong is sweeping towards the Waterhole! While the Mavericks dealt with the DHQS, the enclave and all of its resident taker groups has been preparing for a tidal wave of Blight to crash upon their walls. Now with little time left before the arrival of the horde, the Maverick’s must slot themselves into the defensive works to save their home! This was a playtest of early-build War Campaign rules, it offers a sneak peak of the upcoming supplement The Racket though specifics in design and execution may have changed dramatically between the two versions.

The Mavericks are going independent! When a lone stranger arrives at the Waterhole with information to share, the opportunity to set up their own score and the profit margin that goes with it is just too tempting. But what seemed an innocuous USGS research facility is in fact something far more foreboding. Have the Mavericks been goaded into a trap?

Secrets and Lies! The Mavericks have uncovered the perpetrators of the murders at Earthship Serenity, but an inconclusive gunfight with the Cowboys has left them with more questions than answers. With their foes still loose and out for blood in the wilds, and the inner workings of Earthship Serenity obstructing them at every turn, will there be any justice to find here?

Due to technical errors, Session 5 was unfortunately lost. The Takers took on a second job from The Brothers, utilizing their electric semi-truck to transport clean water to a newly contacted enclave in hopes of building trade and diplomatic relations. The Mavericks instead found a massive convoy; the new enclave was entirely mobile and had survived via migration tactics. Shenanigans ensued. * The Maverick’s are trying their hand at frontier justice! Their nearest rival enclave, Earthship Serenity, has suffered a series of grizzly murders, and the leadership of Serenity have charged the Waterhole with proving their innocence by solving the murders and bringing the guilty to justice. Sheriff Graham Lightfoot is looking for competent takers to go down and sort the mess out quickly and professionally. Getting the job done quickly, no problem for the Mavericks. Professionally . . .