Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 7

The Mavericks are going independent! When a lone stranger arrives at the Waterhole with information to share, the opportunity to set up their own score and the profit margin that goes with it is just too tempting. But what seemed an innocuous USGS research facility is in fact something far more foreboding. Have the Mavericks been goaded into a trap?


  1. Awesome episode everyone. The return home “We are F’ed” is a fun opener.

    Also, if you lot ever do a Wrath and Glory game and need a player look me up (or Deathwatch).

  2. Ignore the previous post as it was meant for another episode!

    Great to see Maddy join the team for such a crazy job. Jason, you amaze me with the madness you create man!

    Love the campaign!

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