Red Markets: The Mavericks – Episode 6 part 1

Due to technical errors, Session 5 was unfortunately lost. The Takers took on a second job from The Brothers, utilizing their electric semi-truck to transport clean water to a newly contacted enclave in hopes of building trade and diplomatic relations. The Mavericks instead found a massive convoy; the new enclave was entirely mobile and had survived via migration tactics. Shenanigans ensued. * The Maverick’s are trying their hand at frontier justice! Their nearest rival enclave, Earthship Serenity, has suffered a series of grizzly murders, and the leadership of Serenity have charged the Waterhole with proving their innocence by solving the murders and bringing the guilty to justice. Sheriff Graham Lightfoot is looking for competent takers to go down and sort the mess out quickly and professionally. Getting the job done quickly, no problem for the Mavericks. Professionally . . .

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