Alien: Red Skies

You are all members of the USS Thesus, a cargo spaceship on its way back from picking up a shipment of tellurium from an asteroid mining operation. You have been given a new mission on your way back. A space station in orbit over planet GX190 in the HD110113 system has requested a VIP priority transport. The Thesus is the closest available ship and you are obligated to fulfill the request. Your crew chief, a superstitious woman named Barringer claims that this is a “red sky” omen, although she won’t reveal if it’s good or bad luck…

hostile as dylain steiger, company intern
Ken as Liam Flyn, medic. Check out PRRP podcast!
mr hellspawn as Rupert, company agent

This was run for members of the RPPR Patreon via our Youtube channel.

I and other members of the RPPR podcast run games for patrons at the RPPR Patreon. . You can play in one of these games by joining at the $10 level! All of our most recent games are on our Youtube channel.


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