Monster of the Week: Jollification Zone

I and other members of the RPPR podcast run games for patrons at the RPPR Patreon. These games are recorded to Youtube but I realize I might as well put some of them on here. You can play in one of these games by joining at the $10 level! All of our most recent games are on our Youtube channel.

You are all freelance monster hunters/paranormal experts. Ashley Bradshaw, the manager of Steve Warwick, a popular Youtuber, needs your help because Steve has gone missing. He went into Jollification Zone, an abandoned theme park in New Jersey. It’s supposed to be haunted but you aren’t sure what could be lurking in there.

This adventure used monsters from the Deck of Monsters, available now!

Squirrel as Brock the wronged
Chris as Packing Dan mundane
Hostile as Kafka Valentine professional
Adaptive as Zoya the monstrous

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