GURPS: After the Bomb – Episode 4

airship1With a huge potential lead in their hands, the Scorch family disembarks across the great ocean to meet with an old contact of their Grandmother. The family decides to make the trip in the way preferred by the well to do of their world; a luxurious airship. But as the family settles in for the journey, they quickly find that this will not be a simple, uneventful trip. Personal intrigue, blackmail, and even some juicy societal shaming aim to plague the Scorch family as they travel through the skies.


  1. This series has been some of the most fun I’ve had listening to APs in awhile. All of the players are devoted to their PCs and role playing really well, the NPCs are to die for, good action, good story… I hate gushing, but this has been Jawesome! Can’t wait for next episode, and would love to see more in the future from the Scorch family!

  2. I nominate Sasha as RPPR player of the year

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