Trail of Cthulhu: Armitage Files – Episode 5

festival1The investigators have begun to look into a new document apparently written by Dr. Armitage. The second document is just as cryptic and menacing as the first and its leads to a small town with seemingly quaint civic organizations. But these lodges and clubs may hold dark secrets. In order to find the truth, the investigators must infiltrate the groups.


  1. I am quite interested to see how the Rough Magics version of using mythos magic is going to turn out…It is gonna be a little different when we have a party of mythos sorcerers

  2. When you included the Swami I laughed hysterically, Bill. Ross, nice poker face. Aaron, read the books. 😀

    Also I’m expecting a certain clock to make an appearance.

    Nice use of the Worms and that Necronomicon excerpt. For some reason, in this episode, the party sounds like they really start to gel. The previous episodes were good, but this seems like it was firing on all cylinders for some reason.

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