Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 2 – Episode 17

With the Fomor disrupted, Obelisk reallocates their resources to assist new Friends in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, those left behind in Springfield look into the nature of the Grid and remote secrets of the area.


  1. Loved the ‘track down the clues’ plot of this episode Dan! Looking forward to hearing Aaron finding out what happened while he was gone too

  2. This was a fun episode its great having the characters continuously crossing over and aiding one another on there trek and missions.
    Though I do miss the Priest character I must say

  3. I really am enjoying this series as I’ve gotten to listen too it.

    At this point I’ve listened to enough of Dan’s DMing style to say I think he does a pretty nifty job of things, the plot progresses well and the free-form nature of Fate really seems to lend itself to his flavor of DMing.

    The only caveat to that I would make is I’ve noticed a running pattern of, and this is just my opinion, letting the players plan without invoking mechanics for perhaps 3-5 minutes too long. Ideally of course you want your players going “ok I’d like to role X, Y or Z’ if they get stuck or want some “What would my character think of/know that I’m blanking on”. But a lot of them seem to be accustom to the idea that you can’t roll dice until the DM suggests it, which the DM does very sparingly in an attempt to not rail-road the players.

    I just feel like there could be a bit better balance as a number of times players seem to be stuck in “um..uh..what do we do..um uh.” Which routinely does lead to Dan saying “well roll this”. I think just a general reminder of “Hey remember guys, you can ask to roll dice whenever you think it would help you’ might smooth things over.

    But that’s just me.

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