Red Markets: The Grapevine – Episode 5

Tiburon rallies from the loss of both Doris and a party member, giving chase to the assassin. Along the way, they meet a mysterious stranger who might help them in their quest; will they subcontract the mysterious stranger, or leave her by the wayside? Will Tiburon manage to do their roaring rampage of revenge, or will they come up short?

David’s Notes: When making new foes like the Abhorrent in Part I, it can be hard to gauge the balance of the encounter. Rules for the beast will be posted in the forums this week.

Also, building a boss battle in a bunker can be baffling. Tricks, traps, and troublesome architecture can (in theory) soften up the group, *but* if they are cautious enough the whole thing might just be a resource drain. Which is also good, as they’ll have less to use on the boss(es) later…. unless your group gets really lucky.


  1. Such an great intense and dramatic session, this one and the last one were definitely a highlight in narrative so far. For Doris!

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