Hollow Earth Expedition: Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Escape From New York – Episode 1

As our intrepid adventurers prepare to set off from New York City to find the legend-shrouded Isla del Boca del Diablo in the Indian Ocean, certain financial irregularities concerning their expedition’s financing comes to light. Can our heroes skip town before their bills come due? Find out in the first episode of Sky Raiders of Lemuria- “Escape from New York!”


  •  Vincent Kovar as the Vicount Von Weimar und Widmeer
  • Daniel G. as Professor Gregory Mayweather
  • Rhias Hall as Professor Samantha Doyle-Johnson
  • Russell Williams as Dr. Paul Habicht
  • Sean Mayovsky as Kenton Knight
  • Kevin Lamont as Klondike “Deadeye” Bob
  • And Adam Scott Glancy as the GM!


  1. Adam Scott Glancy, your Hollow Earth APs are the BEST!

    Thank you.

  2. A Glancy campaign good i needed a couple of college credits in general history. This counts…right?

  3. Hurray I love these joint history lesson tabletop games!

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