Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 7 – The Man Who Would Be King

In this chapter, our bold investigators begin to consider their options in the Hollow Earth. Proceeding to the notorious haven of cutthroats and freebooters, Blood Bay, our team learns that their companion, William Flint is no longer the Pirate King. But knowing that they need a base of operations, the team sets upon a plan to return Flint to the “throne” of Blood Bay. Of course, they are going to need past the saber tooth tigers first!


  • Vincent Kovar as the Vicount Von Weimar und Widmeer
  • Daniel G. as Professor Gregory Mayweather
  • Rhias Hall as Professor Samantha Doyle-Johnson
  • Russell Williams as Dr. Paul Habicht
  • Sean Mayovsky as Kenton Knight
  • Kevin Lamont as Klondike “Deadeye” Bob
  • And Adam Scott Glancy as the GM!

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  1. Now THAT’S dedication! Hometown fans missing their own team’s greatest football game ever (possibly THE greatest football game ever) to give us RPG entertainment!

    Good news! The full game can be watched on YouTube now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yzhblg_uxQ

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