Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 12 – The Boys From Brazil

Having decided that it’s time to size up the Island of Atlantis, our band of bold adventurers have decided to collect the sort of things that the Atlanteans are most interested in acquiring, in order to gain access to the city as merchants. Returning to the ruins of the City of Falls, with a new Lizardman guide in tow, they discover a drilling machine from the surface world. Could this be their way home? Or will drilling machine’s creator prove less than friendly?


  • Vincent Kovar as the Vicount Von Weimar und Widmeer
  • Daniel G. as Professor Gregory Mayweather
  • Rhias Hall as Professor Samantha Doyle-Johnson
  • Russell Williams as Dr. Paul Habicht
  • Sean Mayovsky as Kenton Knight
  • Sean Mayovsky as Lizardman Shaman Q’Xxazell
  • Kevin Lamont as Klondike “Deadeye” Bob
  • And Adam Scott Glancy as the GM!

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