Masks: Heroes of Halycon City – Episode 1

Halcyon City is a city on a hill, the cutting edge of culture, technology, and wealth. It’s a big place to get caught up in, even for a career superhero, let alone four super-teens trying to make names for themselves. Follow Bug-Eye, Nyan-Chan, Glitch, and Jamani as they face villains, and try to figure out what kind of heroes they want to be, for better or worse.

Side Note: Apologies for the volume issues, episodes one and two were recorded on a laptop prior to us acquiring a proper microphone, so please bear with us. Thanks for listening, and for your constructive feedback!


  1. That’s so cool that Y’all are playing Masks.
    It’s my fav superhero game, mostly cause of how the powers work.

  2. Great 1st episode! I do enjoy that Masks way of “why we are all together” story so quickly and this groups was quite hilarious. Looking forward to the next one.

    Also, I didn’t notice any volume issues when I listened to the episode.

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