Konflikt 47: Operation Metsästäjä – Game 2

Following the reveal of an Allied presence deep in Finnish territory, Axis high command has ordered a redoubling of efforts to move the Japanese envoy to Helsinki and the supposed safety of the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, Soviet forces have begun to rouse themselves from their winter fortresses, leading to more immediate concerns for the Finnish government and its military assets. While the Finns engage in a daring operation to try and delay or outright eliminate Soviet forces in the area, the Japanese SNLF force are tasked to hunt down and eliminate the Americans and their British compatriots. Lt. Murimoto plans a daring night assault to capitalize on his troop’s capabilities. Unbeknownst to them, the US has made large advancements in Infrared technology to aid in their nightfighting prowess. . .

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  1. HOORAY! Were back in the weird war!

    Glory be to you comrade Shawn! Your brave soldiers stomped out the enemies flames with tremendous prowess! Their charred remains will be honorably spread across the ground of victory! (Also the cowards will be dealt with).

    Congrats to Aaron and Jason, it finally happened!

    Sad the episode was so short, would have liked a bit more details per turn in this one but still enjoyable.

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