Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 1 Episode 3

bassprohqA new Face joins the ranks of the other Dresden team, with a little help from an old RPPR favorite. This one intents to be more of a friendly outlook regarding the Supernatural Ozarks. However, this friendliness is immediately challenged by a conflict between some of the local color and some denizens of the Nevernever. These folks have a have the urge to start a feud with a clan beyond their comprehension. Can Team Face Find a peaceful resolution?


  1. Absolutely glorious. I’ve waited so long to hear this campaign, and it does not disappoint. This definitely has the feel of a Dresden story, with the humor, absurdity and danger all traveling hand in hand. Kudos, too, to Eric, for making an instantly memorable character. Great job, everyone!

  2. As a male fan who sews I’d take the challenge but though I could sew them, whelp male so would be super strange,
    Either way this was an excellent session and loved it reminded me of an old group of mine and our antics and actions.

  3. I’ll be honest guys, this one was kind of hard to sit through.

    I’m glad y’all had fun but the near constant sexual jokes/innuendo was cringey and, in my opinon, in poor taste. There also seemed to be alot more dead air than is usual for a RPPR AP.

    Twas not all bad. Dan’s doing a good job being the storyteller and I liked his coyote/crow character quite a bit.

    1. Correction, sexual jokes/innuendo in the beginning vignettes.

    2. I fully admit that the dead air is a bad on my part, not GMing on the regular in conjunction with choosing a campaign structure/system that relies on quick Improv pivots proved to be a bigger challenge than originally assumed.

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