Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 1 Episode 4

lake-springfieldTeam Gwar (the nickname of the monstrously inclined team of Obelisk) looks into strange disappearances of citizens around town. Little do they know that an ancient evil has crept into Springfield. The servants of this evil have established an operating base in Lake Springfield. What do they want and what can Team Gwar do about it?



  2. Gotta say, I’m surprised this ended the way it did. Felt like everyone stepped back and deferred to Michelle near the end there. I expected things to erupt into violence. I suppose the team is just less inclined to bust heads than I figured with a valkyrie and a werecroc included.

    1. Part of Michelle’s OOC discussion/development is that she is the Denmother/Handler. There’s probably also a meta-game component in that she has more In and Out of Character knowledge of the setting (being the only one who has read the full series), so her opinions on threat assessments are taken seriously.

      1. It also makes sense in that she’s an on-the-clock Valkyrie working for Odin who covers as a security and intelligence firm. And can sense the strands of fate. You should listen when she says she’s not keen on that particular dance. It’s like your local wizard going “hoo boy, I think I need to head back to the lab and do some research”.

  3. Ohhhh yeah, Fomori. This was a nice episode.
    Well I like this idea of the two different groups handling different problems and having crossovers with one another where 1 member shows up from one side and vice versa. Is Caleb going to show up at all or did he decide against his time traveling wizard.
    Michelle was awesome in this episode. All this food talk reminded me of a local one called Sympathy for the Deli.

    To answer a question Ross posed though it was probably answered later.
    By this point in the time line, Harry Dresden is scary/dangerous enough that, dude is actively scary enough that all the creepy crawlies were staying away or leaving Chicago simply because of what people knew about Harry.
    And that is just the stuff that is actively known about him.

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