Trail of Cthulhu: Armitage Files – Episode 1

arm-coverThe investigators have solved the mystery of the book only to find a more vexing document-based enigma. Dr. Henry Armitage has produced a letter, seemingly written by him, that he has no memory of writing. The letter warns of an apocalyptic future for humanity, a disaster that might still be averted. The investigators must determine if it is a hoax, the result of a latent madness in Dr. Armitage, or something supernatural. The references it makes are vague yet still connected to Arkham country. The hunt for the truth is on!


  1. What was the name of that rule Bill was using from Ashen Stars?

    I think I understand Melissa as a player now. She is a female Sam Vimes.

  2. It’s called a Toll Test – it’s on pg 70 of Ashen Stars, but I actually found it in the Gumshoe SRD. Probably should bring those back around.

    Also, being both a fan of both the Night Watch subset of Discworld and my wife, I’m curious what you find the similarity to be? Nothing’s coming to mind, but then again, I only get to remember these sessions in a general kind of way, as I’m usually kinda busy while they’re happening 🙂

  3. “Nurse Parker looks nervous.” A perfectly sensible reaction is, “let’s break into her house and or strong-arm her with threats about her brother!” But simply talk to her? Hell no!

    Hilarious. Loving it. 🙂

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