Dresden Files: Obscurely Ostentatious Ozarkian Obelisk – Season 2 – Episode 23

Team Gwar has the support of a unified Vegas, and finally takes the fight to the door of the Fomor Incursion. Which Lines will be crossed, and who will be changed by the conflict?


  1. Fun end to the Las Vegas plot! I was a little surprised Eric didn’t pipe up during the final combat about taking prisoners, but good on him for not metagaming.

  2. Now, that I have finally got around to listening to this all the way through…I gotta get myself a group to go through Las Vegas, it looks like a shitstorm of fun and chaos

  3. All in all, I LOVE these games. I hope there’s going to be more soon, especially given Caleb’s character concept of the wizard who swam against time. I’ll be re-listening to the series as a whole, but I wanted to leave this here.

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