Microscope and Fate Core: Campaign Creation for Top of the Rock

Bill created a new campaign using Microscope, a story telling game about world building, in order for us to play a game using Small Folk, a setting book for Fate Core. It’s part of the Wainscott genre, about tiny people living undetected in human dwellings. Several clans of brownies, gremlins, and other small folk living in the area around Top of the Rock, a golf course and resort. Who are these people and what is their culture? Find out as we establish it in this session!


  1. This AP is getting me through my workday drudgery copy-pasting student info into a spreadsheet. Love the setting and the characters you folks created here. The wee folk are indeed bad at names, but they make up for it with their dancing skills!

    I’m so excited for the Fate campaign to come, and I’m definitely going to check out Microscope and the Small Folk setting for Fate.

    Awesome job, everybody!

  2. Aaron: “I resisted the urge to say small folk space program…”

    I just imagine (were this placed in the setting) a mix of Kerbal Space Program, “Secret of NIHM”/”Rescue Ranger”/”Once Upon a Forest” with the tech level of the program…

    … (starts writing up a setting of this)

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