Fate Core: Top of the Rock – Episode 2

Trout-whaling is a dangerous but respected tradition among the Small Folk in the Ozarks. It takes a crew of talented folk to reel in a monstrous trout, but every fish hauled in provides a bounty of food. The dangers are many but the need is great. Will everyone make it back?


  1. Leave it to Aaron to turn a simple fishing trip into a high-flying cliffhanger.

    The Roomba rumble was great!

    Ross: “Shun! Shun the non-believer! Get the Wickerman Ready!”

    I just about spit took my coffee, thanks Ross. XD

  3. During the Roomba battle, I made this weird association between the one that Ross tried to disable with the Missouri magnet and Scar, the Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica that had it out for Starbuck. Imagine the Roomba with the “Bort” magnet in the bait shop having an inexplicable vendetta against Ross’ character, even though it’s just a vacuum. He scrambles across the tabletops and it follows him, ramming into things, or just *waiting* for him to slip.

    Can’t wait for the actual trout whaling! It’s been a fun episode so far.

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