Red Markets: The Grapevine – Episode 6

Wherein Dutch’s family finds out that he’s not coming home, and the team finds a new employer who is less heart-of-gold and more heart-of-stone. Now that Alice is part of the party, how will the team adapt to having a Latent? Will they manage to make the marathon run with resources intact? Tune in to find out!

David’s DM Notes: This job was an experiment on my part in how a longer job could play out if it was a marathon instead of a destination. I split it into pieces to see how it would work out for the team, and it was more labor intensive than anticipated; it took more time, so this is a two-parter.

Also, Pennyworth. He was my concept of the man whom nobody would try to take down because he was too useful; he who controls the electricity is indispensable to an Enclave that uses power. Hence, justified paranoia and a luxurious office/suite where he can stay reclusive.


  1. I think Cross might be the closet we’ve ever seen a taker come to complete sanity loss in any of the RPPR games (with the possible exception of Ammu, but she was a roach so I hardly think she counts. Bravura roleplay from Shaun really payed off during the wake scene.

    1. Cross is also a Roach, but I believe it gets overshadowed by Cross’s other traits.

      I agree, every word from Shaun is amazing;

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