Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 2 – The Lost Zeppelin

Disaster has struck marooning the airship Oklahoma-Excelsior on the mysterious tropical island Boca del Diablo! Now the expedition finds themselves hunted by savages and stalked by sinister soldiers of a unknown power. Who will survive? Are there traitors among them? What terrors and secrets does this island hold? And where did Paris the Monkey get off to? Find out in the second episode of Sky Raiders of Lemuria- “The Lost Zeppelin!”


  • Vincent Kovar as the Vicount Von Weimar und Widmeer
  • Daniel G. as Professor Gregory Mayweather
  • Rhias Hall as Professor Samantha Doyle-Johnson
  • Russell Williams as Dr. Paul Habicht
  • Sean Mayovsky as Kenton Knight
  • Kevin Lamont as Klondike “Deadeye” Bob
  • And Adam Scott Glancy as the GM!

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  1. Honestly i think i enjoy the educational comments in a glancy game almost more than the game itself…almost

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