Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 6 – Romancing the Stone

In tonight’s episode of Sky Raiders of Lemuria out team of adventurers must ransom the Pirate King of Blood Bay from the Strategos of the Amazons in order to gain a well-travelled guide to the Hollow Earth. What they learn about this wild and brutal land is not particularly reassuring. Their way forward requires delving into the ancient ruins of this world’s former masters to recover one of their nodes of power. Can they escape with their prize before the savage apemen and army of giant insects close in?


  • Vincent Kovar as the Vicount Von Weimar und Widmeer
  • Daniel G. as Professor Gregory Mayweather
  • Rhias Hall as Professor Samantha Doyle-Johnson
  • Russell Williams as Dr. Paul Habicht
  • Sean Mayovsky as Kenton Knight
  • Kevin Lamont as Klondike “Deadeye” Bob
  • And Adam Scott Glancy as the GM!


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