Trail of Cthulhu: Armitage Files – Episode 4

from-beyond1The Fairfield Sanitarium holds a dark secret. If the investigators hope to learn it, they must infiltrate the institute to see what the nefarious conspirators are doing late at night to an innocent patient. No matter how much they discover before they delve into the sanitarium, they will never be prepared for what they find. The horrors from beyond beckon!

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  1. Enjoying the overall story going on, but Bill you really need to work on rolling better when the players don’t do exactly what you expect. The whole hotel lobby scene felt pretty ridiculous, and in the previous episode the visit to the neighbor was similar. For example, it would have made much more sense for the guy tailing her to just wait for her to go up and use his influence on the clerk to find out the room number, and then maybe a cult ambush setup when they try to leave.

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