GURPS: After the Bomb – Episode 1

Lucille ScorchThousands of years after human civilization has fallen, a new civilization has risen in its place, consisting of the fauna of Earth uplifted by the virus that brought humanity down. In this new world steps in a powerful family; the Scorches. Led by their matriarch, Lucille Scorch, the family has fallen on very hard times. Now, the grandchildren of the Scorch family must turn to their society’s most beloved and dangerous pastime; delving into the old ruins of the human world for riches and prestige. An endeavor that might lead the Scorch grandchildren to more than they bargained for.


  1. I like it. Kinda cheesy, but in a good way. It’s a nice departure from RPPRs “all serious” horror games (which I also love).

    1. Agreed as much as I do love the horror, its fun to listen something that is cheesy and fun.

  2. This is everything I love about Tom games, it harkens back to one of my favourite RPPR mini campaigns (TMNT 2: Judgement Day).

    I love the serious stuff, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, the badass, the gonzo, and the light hearted are truly what the mind yearns for.

    Thanks Tom, never stop being you.

  3. What points level was this game run at?

    (Please indulge my weird habit of making the characters I *would have* played in RPPR games.)

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