Red Markets: The Grapevine – Episode 2

Tiburon Unlimited returns for a second job. Despite the setbacks of the first job, our crew continues to move forward. A second faction receives a highlight, and a new employer hires the crew for a goods run. Will the ammo be easier than last episode’s milk run? Will it cost an arm and a leg to succeed? The suspense is almost unbearable!

David’s DM Note: I tend to reward ingenuity and thinking on the fly. The crew pulled a few plans out of nowhere, and thought well on their feet; because of this, I offered a Faustian Bargain near the end: Pay With Pain.


  1. haven’t finished this one just yet, but another fun game. That first leg sure became its own job there, I think the players are going to do well on this despite not conquering negotiations.

    I *did* notice you were being charitable and letting all players do Awareness or Foresight instead of just one.

    Speaking of, would you mind posting the Boom/Bust rules for this game sometime?

    1. Most of the time, the either/or on foresight v awareness is because the player has the same number in each. Some of the rolls do matter, being a difference between “This is what is directly in front of you” and “based on what’s in front of you, you could infer this.”

      New players, new Market; mistakes were made, but hopefully minor

      1. Fair enough, but I was talking about the ‘one and done’, though I do know that market has discretion there, I was just curious if there was anything boom related for it.

  2. Know i”m late to this David, but I’ve been listening and enjoying Grapevine a lot. It has really made me want to run a Red Markets campaign with my own podcast crew. I love your little asides, and i like how you seem to improvise larger and larger complications for the Takers to overcome as their payday gets bigger and bigger! Can’t wait to get to the end now!

    1. Thank you, William. 🙂
      I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed so far, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the campaign

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