Red Markets: The Grapevine – Episode 1

Welcome to Grapevine, a Texas megamall turned Enclave. In this episode, we meet our Taker crew Tiburon Unlimited and follow them on their first job. Like all good jobs, complications abound. Welcome back to the table with Shaun and B-sides alum Greg, and welcome new players Kristi and Adam!

David’s GM Note: I played with a variation on the complication, where each job’s additional twist was dictated by the success of the negotiations. Here we see the first effects of my house rule “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”


  1. very much looking forward to hearing this tomorrow, and David’s running it? We get to see yet another take on RM which is always appealing.

    Post every episode of this as fast as possible! 😀

    1. Yep, I’m in the big chair this time. Cat on my lap, even! (Apologies for the jingling bell you will hear, but the cat is adorable and he loves that bell)

      Greg had played in my one-shot at Springfield G.A.M.E. and liked the idea of a campaign. Shaun is a Red Markets veteran (as we know) but this was the first exposure for Adam and Kristi.

      1. Excellent. Listening to this today. I expect to hear that all characters named after purple survive.

  2. this was a great game. I’m pretty cool with that bust rule overall, the ending was quite tense and even after that it still had a horrible element to it. The best part was that the job side of things itself was rather easy by comparison to the incident.

    Worked out quite well, I’m looking forward to more already.

  3. Excellent! Looking forward to hearing from more RM!

  4. I really enjoyed this AP David. Just checked and realized that there are now 7 episodes to listen to. David is a really complex DM. And of course a Method Actor.

    1. Thank you, Aston!

      I tried to make this a fun experience for my new players, whilst still being a good listen for RM veterans. I’m glad you’re enjoying so far. 🙂

      The hardest part of being the market in any RM game is the references and pulling NPCs out of the aether and somehow making them fit. Crusader Billy-Bob, for instance; I had no idea he’d even work, much less be a player (and listener) favorite.

  5. I’m going to listen to the whole campaign in detail to mine for Casualty jokes.

    Will not steal jokes made in game. Not a Taker. Love the Mall setting. We call them shopping arcades.

  6. What was happening in the combat with the vector? It sounded like no Athletics rolls were made to avoid the attacks.

    1. Correct. In the first round, the rooftop Vector had surprise because both of the team failed their Awareness checks. Then Cross crit-succeeded his shot and hurt it, while Vicki hit max damage to do 10 killing to Cross’s leg. Once all hit boxes on the leg are full, no Athletics checks are possible.

      My apologies, I should have made that a little more clear. The reason for the lack of dodge checks is not an oversight, it is that by the time Cross *could* have dodged, he was physically unable to do so, because bullet.

  7. wow now i’m sorry i put off going through this AP series for so long. WOW!! fantastic start to the story. great now the rest of my weekend is grapevine.

    1. Thank you, Jason. ^_^

      I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording them.

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